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We are a team of caring individuals properly equipped to provide the best service possible to individuals with developmental disabilities. Our diverse team consists of; HOPE GIVERS, DREAM MAKERS, LIMIT BREAKERS, SOLUTION FINDERS and BARRIER BREAKERS! In our Residential facilities and our Supported Living Services we put the client at the center of all that we do and our goal is not only to meet standards, but to exceed them and go the extra mile! We are PASSIONATE about what we do and the people we serve!


Creating a Legacy, Inc. is a for profit community oriented corporation passionate of the mission of breaking down barriers and empowering Individuals with developmental disabilities. We purpose to lead each person to attain and live a least restrictive highest possible quality of independent life. Our mission is to assist each person to develop mentally, physically and, if applicable, spiritually. We believe we can accomplish this mission by creating opportunities for life changing independence, achievement of the highest self sufficiency as possible, and productive and satisfied lives as part of the community by participating in community and outreach programs that provide environments of hope, encouragement, and participation in everyday life with friends, neighbors, and co-workers through integrated educational, social and recreational program and services. Creating a Legacy, Inc. promotes services and supports that enable individual's and their families to make their own decisions and choices. 
We are committed to our mission in providing the supports that promote and add to the role of each Individual which include their talents, diversity and uniqueness. Creating a Legacy, Inc. inspires and instills within people the desire to fulfill their potential in life with a sense of dignity, listen, protect, guide and support each Individual to meet this challenge. Creating a Legacy, Inc. works cooperatively with others of mutual purpose in accomplishing the mission before us.




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